Greeting Message from Prof. Radnitzky

The founding of the "Japan Popper Society" is really good news for all those interested in philosophy of science and in science, and for the friends of the Open Society. The founding of the Society is so important because it will be essential in spreading these ideas in Japan, a country, which has become a leader in economic and technological progress.
Hence, those interested in Critical Rationalism have good reasons to hope that they will progressively enjoy more and more contributions to this field from Japan. Popper is the most important philosopher of science of this century. He has brought about a turn from inductivism to falsificationist methodology, and recent investigations confirm that his methodology is superior to its rivals (Kuhn, Lakatos, structuralism, incommensurability thesis). He has also brought about a turn in epistemology: from justificationist (foundationalist) philosophy to criticism. In political philosophy, Popper's seminal ideas from his classic The Open Society have had a beneficial influence on politicians and political parties in the whole of the political West.


Gerard Radnitzky