Welcome to The Japan Popper Society's Home Page!

President (1996 - 1998)

Since the foundation of our society in 1989, we have issued "Popper Letters" twice a year and held a meeting every June. Throughout this period we have enjoyed the support of so many people, that we felt something needed to be done to allow everyone to participate fully.

Now we are very pleased to announce an improvement in our services with the opening of this Home Page. Our thanks go to Professor Yoshihisa Hagiwara, a member of our society, whose great efforts have made this Home Page a reality.

On this Home Page you will find various kinds of information, such as bibliographies, announcements of our annual meeting and the closing date for applications to our issues.

We try to further the understanding of the Philosophy of Popper by answering the questions both of visitors and of members. In addition to these services, our Home Page aims to facilitate the mutual exchange of opinions or discussion between members and between members and visitors. Feel free to write comments, whether you are for or against Popper's philosophy. Let's try to understand each other and search for truths using the critical attitude of Popperian Philosophy. You are cordially invited to participate, whether this is the first time you have ever heard of Popper, or have been studying him professionally for years.

We appreciate your support and any criticism of this Home Page.

Produced by Yoshihisa Hagiwara, Keio Univ. E-mail: hagiwara@law.keio.ac.jp