Links to other related Webs

Links to other related Webs

We introduce some related web-sites to you.

The Karl Popper Web

A largest Popper Web, produced by Dr. Ray Scott Percival. Many interesting informations, above all a register of the Popper Archive in the Hoover Institution.
George Soros The Open Society

Homepage of the Soros Foundation, established by George Soros, the Hungarian stockmarket-guru of New Yorker. He is also famous as a warrior for open society.
The Feyerabend Forum

Homepage for an anarchist philosopher Paul Feyerabend and his writtings. Many files are provided with Gopher and Anonymous FTP. Very anarchistic!
In Memoriam - Karl Popper in Prague

Dokumentation of Popper's stay in Prague from 23th. to 27th. May 1994.
A Philosopher's Workshop

Homepage of a German chemist/physicist/philosopher Dr. H. J. Niemann. He admires the critical rationalism of Popper and Albert. Some articles are only in German but pretty witty!
The Popper Project
Homepage of the Popper Project at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Besides their main task, to research, edit and publish books from Karl Popper Archives, they support in prevailing of Popper's ideas in the Central and Easten Europe in order to make the former socialist countries in this region "open society".
Homepage about the Karl-Popper-Collection of the Library at the University Klagenfurt in Austria. They administrate the from Popper inherited books, correspondence, manusctipts etc.
Austrian Karl R. Popper Research Association
A society established in Graz at the end of October 1997. (President: Prof. Volker Gadenne, Vice-President: Prof. Kurt Salamun) This association includes only persons, who have done 'serious' research in Popper's philosophy.
Open Society Insitute - Budapest
Established in 1993 by George Soros in Budapest, in order to develop and implement programs in the areas of educational, legal, and social reform in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
Hagiwara Seminar, Faculty of Law and Politics at the Keio University

Homepage of Prof. Hagiwara and his seminar. He is a member of exektive committee of the Japan Popper Society. Partly in German.