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* This is a small collection of articles and essays about Popper, which are available in English/German/French on the internet. Some of them, which are shown with boldface, are from the members of our Japan Popper Society . Articles with *mark were originally contributions for Popper Letters or for this home page.

* In order to avoid unnecessary conflict, we don't adopt the articles and essays, which are available in The Karl Popper Web. Please refer to this web, in which you can also get many interesting informations, for example a register of the Popper Archive in the Hoover Institution.

Agassi, Joseph
*Mails exchanged between Prof. Tachibana and Prof. Agassi on the Kyoto Prize Workshop
*Karl Popper
*The Rules of the Game: Comments on Prof. Jarvie's Chapter

Eigner, Christian
>Im Brennpunkt: Karl Popper

Foerst, Anne
>Evolutionary Epistemology

Green, Rich
>Evolutionary theory, scientific creationism, and the nature of science

Hagiwara, Yoshihisa
>Einige Bemerkungen zum Kritischen Rationalismus als politischer Philosophie.
>Über Begriff und Funktion der >kokutai<-Ideologie: Der Mythos des japanischen Kaisertums als Herrschaftsideologie vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg.
*Bericht über Aktivitäten der Japan Popper Society

Hasegawa, Ko
*"Open" and "Closed" Relativism (1)
*"Open" and "Closed" Relativism (2)

Heylighen, F. (Principia Cybernetica Web)
>Evolutionary Approach to Epistemology

Hoeschl, Cyril
>Knighthood of the Truth

Jarvie, Ian C.
*Reflections on the Passing of Sir Karl Popper
*Popper's Republic of Science

Kageyama, Yasuyuki
*Drei Funktionen der Falsifizierbarkeit
*Sur la signification de la falsifiabilité
*Vicissitudes of Causality
*Prediction & Explanation in Critical Rationalism

Kogawara, Makoto
*Introduction of Prof. I. C. Jarvie
*A Fundamental Problem of Rationalism

Kresge, Stephen
*On the Passing of W. W. Bartley III

Miller, David
*Sir Karl Popper: A Personal Note
*Memorial Cerebration: Prof. Sir Karl Popper. Monday December, 1994

Niemann, Hans-Joachim
>A Dualmedial Introduction Into Critical Rationalism
>Kleine Werttafel des kritischen Rationalismus
>About Karl Popper
>About Hans Albert
>Unheard sighs (German)

Notturno, Mark A.
*Truth, Rationality, and the Situation
*Prediction & Explanation in Critical Rationalism

Nuenke, Matt
>Historic Preservation Conflicts

Popper, Karl R.
*Message from Sir Karl Popper to the Japan Popper Society
*To Prof. Dando. (The very last letter in Popper's lifetime)
>Karl Popper: Prague Lecture

Radnitzky, Gerard
*Greeting Message to the Japan Popper Society
*William Warren Bartley III

Ross, Kelly L. (in Web about the Friesian School)
>Sir Karl Popper

Rubin, Sander
>Social Choice and Chance in an Open Society

Tachibana, Kiichi
*Mails excahnged between Prof. Tachibana and Prof. Agassi on the Kyoto Prize Workshop

Thorwart, Michael (Tribune)
>Zum Tode von Karl Popper: Wider Tyrannei und Unvernunft